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Turning lead into gold

rational romantic mystic cynical idealist

22 April 1978
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“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” -Marcus Aurelius

I'm Kyrene Ariadne, Hellenic polytheist, vegan, geek, and crazy batshit redhead from Boston. My patron deities are Apollo, Dionysos, and Hermes and I am a student and practitioner of Southern Italian witchcraft (no, not Grimassi :P).

One of my best loved stories on Apollo:

To many Greeks, Apollo the Bright One, the Lord of the Silver Bow, was the most admirable of the gods. Apollo personified knowledge, beauty, and perfection. He was perpetually young, perpetually handsome, and wise without being dull. He advised humans to be moderate in all things, even though he himself sometimes got carried away in passionate love affairs. In fact, once his twin sister, Artemis, confronted him about this: "You're always talking about moderation," she said, "yet you're always falling passionately in love."

With a laugh, Apollo replied: "I teach moderation in all things - including moderation."

The Creed of the Heroic Path

Life is a mythic journey
I am a mythic hero, the protagonist of my own unique saga
I am the gods who call me, the gods I seek, the gods I serve, the gods whose myths I live
My challenges are here, before me, in the eternal now
My adventure never ends
I assume full responsibility for all my choices and actions
I am a multi-dimensional being and can never, in truth, be fettered without my consent
The realms of myth, magic and legend are here, around me and within me. To experience them I need only shift my perspective, slightly

Where else can I be found?



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